When last have you heard something you truly feel you have never heard before? Something actually new? Something so new you weren’t even sure if you liked it? But you felt it more than you liked it. It moved you past what you even thought your taste was. It challenged you to hate it but … Continue reading

Sun . Rai’s . Bright . Sounds .

Have you ever heard music that felt like a place? A place familiar, not completely foreign, but you feel it every time you hear it? I find music to be the only form of time travel I have discovered that works every time. There is a certain magic about nostalgia that makes you remember where … Continue reading

Thee . Wonderful . World . of . Tiron . & . Ayo .

Hip Hop is a very very interesting genre these days. It’s growing up and growing down, maybe even diagonally. There are new faces every 5 minutes literally, check your soundcloud.  Everyone is brainstorming to be the next thing lightening chooses to strike, but few keep an umbrella. Tiron & Ayomari are two gentlemen from Los … Continue reading

The . Boy . That . Made . WOLF .

FUCK . Those are the first words on thee album. It really sets the tone for the entire record if you ask me. Who knew eating a roach would get you this far? He’s done a lot since he  hung himself in Yonkers. Enter the wild world of a kid who admitted he was a Bastard … Continue reading

J a m e s . B l a k e : A Man In His Own Genre.

There are very few artists that make you wait on a moment to feel a feeling you have waited your whole life to feel. Very few artists make you wait. In the age of very microwaveable music, James Blake gives you a buffet to digest. A patient listener will be reward with the masterpiece known … Continue reading

Toro.y.Moi . . . . 1st.Date.Music.

Producer/Vocalist Toro y Moi also known as chaz2sexy on his soundcloud makes what I like to call first date music. Imagine opening the door for her and turning the car on and the first sound you hear is a sonic sunset in the form of  “Anything In Return”. She will immediately think you are cooler … Continue reading

Zack Sekoff Ancestors EP

  We introduced you to Zack Sekoff when he kicked ass on the  Stussy: Make Beats contest. He is back now to embarrass all his elders with  “Ancestors”. The project was originally released in August but we’ve been too busy looping on our itunes to write about it. In 15 minutes Mr. Sekoff  get’s you … Continue reading

Zack Sekoff: Infinite Potential

Stussy Cothing Brand held an instrumental music contest called Make Beats. Over 1,700 people submitted their tunes and a 16 year old named Zack Sekoff  was chosen. The kid needed a photo to submit that didn’t have a gradient marble back ground in it so I was happy to take the job. He’s certainly more … Continue reading

J Davey, Blu, and introducing… Mr. Def Sound

When I hear that J Davey and Blu will be performing at the Key Club in Hollywood I am more than compelled to attend. Furthermore, when I hear that my favorite neighborhood rapper, Def Sound, will be joining them there really isn’t much choice but to attend. The Key Club is of course packed with … Continue reading

Music: Loose Change Vol. VI Presented by Def Sound

One of the most eclectic people I know, and my personal music appreciation tutor, Def Sound proudly presents Loose Change Volume SIX. [Download] As you listen to the music,feel free to learn a little about the artwork. Def Sound’s Loose Change mixes have fed so many of my photo shoots and gatherings I felt compelled … Continue reading