Leslie Durso: Smile Activated Veggie-Activism

Leslie Durso, is a shining example of a passionate food activist and teacher. She  seeks to not only inform people about how to prepare delicious food but also is making people a little bit more conscious about what it is that they are eating. She has been a vegetarian since childhood of her fruition, and … Continue reading

Octoplace: Friending the Food

Let’s face it, foodies are taking over the internet, after NSFW content and fashion, food has got to be the most popular thing we see being posted on Pinterest. On Instagram we are seeing plate after plate with the hashtags #YUM, #foodie, #delish and more. Issue is ,we never get to enjoy those places our … Continue reading

Oven Baked Salami Sandwich

Organic Mild White Cheddar Uncurred Peppered Salami Fresh Sesame Bagel It is important that the bagel is fresh because the oven is going to dry it out. Slice your own cheese, 2 pieces, because that’s how the pros do it. The salami is from a San Francisco family farm. Put it in the oven on … Continue reading

the V is for delicious.

To be fair, one of the most beautiful people I have met in recent days heads the kitchen in the V Cafe. So my decision to stop in was not nearly random.  My visit was more of an investigation. What exactly is the ‘V’ for? I am always indecisive when I find a new food … Continue reading

I Love People That Cook

Almost anytime I am getting info to attend a gathering I make sure I ask the cardinal question, “Is there going to be food there?” I love to eat and I love photographs so I’ve decided to shoot and discuss some delicious meals, be they  prepared by gourmet hands or untrained patrons of the culinary arts just … Continue reading