Allison Kunath: Fit For A Goddess

You may be familiar with Allison Kunath  from our Art Blossom feature some time last year. She has since grown as an artist and as a person and now has ventured into the world of fashion.  She is currently amidst the launch of her first garment, a dress. Allison has never gone to fashion school and … Continue reading

J a m e s . B l a k e : A Man In His Own Genre.

There are very few artists that make you wait on a moment to feel a feeling you have waited your whole life to feel. Very few artists make you wait. In the age of very microwaveable music, James Blake gives you a buffet to digest. A patient listener will be reward with the masterpiece known … Continue reading

Courtney Arwin: Good Peoples

There is saying that has stemmed from the south when referring to a person that is endeared to you.   They are called ” Good peoples” it is to say that individual is a good person all around. It is the kind of person that we all want more of in our life. At Citizens … Continue reading

Toro.y.Moi . . . . 1st.Date.Music.

Producer/Vocalist Toro y Moi also known as chaz2sexy on his soundcloud makes what I like to call first date music. Imagine opening the door for her and turning the car on and the first sound you hear is a sonic sunset in the form of  “Anything In Return”. She will immediately think you are cooler … Continue reading

Royal T Cafe presents: TAG you’re IT!

  I’ll be there, will you?  

100 Seven Inch Records by John Wiese @ Family

If you really like art books  but are tired of perusing Barnes and Noble to get your culture fix swing on over to Family in Hollywood. They will let you hang for as long as you want and you can see some great works without feeling overly pretentious. In the back of the shop is … Continue reading

∂eƒsound presents: We.Are.In.Struments

download or tweet and enjoi

Music: Loose Change Vol. VI Presented by Def Sound

One of the most eclectic people I know, and my personal music appreciation tutor, Def Sound proudly presents Loose Change Volume SIX. [Download] As you listen to the music,feel free to learn a little about the artwork. Def Sound’s Loose Change mixes have fed so many of my photo shoots and gatherings I felt compelled … Continue reading

A gift from my father.

It plays very well.


be there