Allison Kunath: Fit For A Goddess

You may be familiar with Allison Kunath  from our Art Blossom feature some time last year. She has since grown as an artist and as a person and now has ventured into the world of fashion.  She is currently amidst the launch of her first garment, a dress. Allison has never gone to fashion school and … Continue reading

Love Mob: Peaceful Disruption

Los Angeles, is a city often shrouded by the stigma of the entertainment industry. It is seen as a superficial place devoid of community and soul. Much of this judgement comes from bad experiences in a town that publicizes mostly celebrity news and award shows. In the afternoon of Saturday, December 15th the shopping center … Continue reading

Allison Kunath: Art Blossom

“She draws like a poet.” That is the first sentence that came to my head as I sat down to write about Allison Kunath. I’ve have watched her grow as an artist and person for the past few years and am always surprised and impressed by what I find when we get the chance to … Continue reading

TV Cafe

Question: What is better than breakfast? Answer: Breakfast with friends! To me, there is almost nothing better than sitting at a diner, cafe, or restaurant with a friend in the AM. I found that I could not schedule enough breakfasts to accommodate the number of people I enjoyed having as my company so I started … Continue reading