Sweet vs Savory?

As professional brunchers we often watch people glaze over at menus trying to decide between two powerful flavors. We’d like to get your opinion on the issue and see if we can come to any consensus on the senses. Sweet: Those delicious notes of oo-ee  gooey simple carbs, drizzled over more complex carbs. Those fatty … Continue reading

Crowd funding Spotlight: Organic Protein Powder

We all know we need protein and super foods are the most efficient way to get  proteins and other nutrients.  Some times though, we don’t have time or may not like the taste. Here is a crowd funding solution that can come up on Indiegogo that hopes to change all that. OMG (Organic Meets Good) is … Continue reading

Fritzi Dog: Dog-Gone Good

Just as Labor Day is the unofficial lsat day of Summer, the hot dog is the unofficial food of Summer. If you pass into the Farmer’s Market on 3rd and Fairfax  near The Grove, you will find Fritzi Dog, a delight for any hot dog lover.  FD is the creation of Los Angeles’s own Neal … Continue reading

YUM!: Food, Beverage, and All Things Edible.

We all know the feeling of taking that first bite of something that is so delicious there is no other word to describe it. “Yum” An onomatopoeic word that is used to express pleasure, especially in food. Last month we looked at economic consumption with Kelly Van Patter, this month we look at our behavior as … Continue reading

Rose and Sophia by Natalie Neal

Photographer Natalie Neal has embarked on a new challenge in the form of film making. This is a natural progression for many, and as Natalie already has a very pointed style of photography her work Rose and Sophia is in keeping with her trademark.   Citizens Of Culture: You tend to shoot coming of age … Continue reading

Kelly Van Patter: Green Consumption

“Your attitude towards money is something you learn growing up.” Kelly utters, as she shuffles through her back pack to lend me a pen made out of recycled water bottles. Kelly Van Patter is a radical consumer, she goes out of her way to purchase and support economically conscious and green businesses. She comments on … Continue reading

Fear and Hope by Gage Kalanick

Fear and Hope It isn’t just a single event its been there forever… well there are many things that are there, family is there but not always. Nothing is always there, but somehow people always relate by having one thing… Fear. But it is so minute, fear is unreal a chance waiting to be challenged, … Continue reading

Sun . Rai’s . Bright . Sounds .

Have you ever heard music that felt like a place? A place familiar, not completely foreign, but you feel it every time you hear it? I find music to be the only form of time travel I have discovered that works every time. There is a certain magic about nostalgia that makes you remember where … Continue reading

VII Winners: High Style Dream Team

Los Angeles Tens to be a place that operates as a dog eat dog world. If you are promoting yourself you have little time to spare those impressions in service of another. This model hasn’t always proven to be to most effective or sustainable. At its onset VII Winners  was comprised longtime friends Briggs, and … Continue reading

Handsome Coffee X The Produce Project

In keeping with Handsome’s mission to curate community events they have availed their space to The Produce Project  on wednesday’s from 5:00pm to 8:00pm along with some friends. The most recent addition has been Almond Milk LA , a delicious brand of handmade almond milk that offers delivery service of their fresh specialty product. Outside the coffee … Continue reading