Jessica Erler: Juicy J

Think about your favorite food. Think about any food you like for that matter. Think about what you want for breakfast tomorrow. Now erase that idea from your brain. Imagine being asked to do without solid food for three days  to clear your digestive system. Could you do it? Of course you could but your … Continue reading

In America by Carrie Rudzinski

  The first hitchhiker I ever picked up I dropped off in the wrong place. We were both backpackers – young, dirty, and foreign. I was so excited to help, I didn’t even realize my mistake until I was too far to turn around. I’d left him on a busy overpass – gray eyes and … Continue reading

Kacy Hill: Red Christmas

I am dreaming of a red Christmas, like one I have never known. After viewing these photos you may be having the same dreams as me. Meet Kacy, she is a recent transplant to Los Angeles from the flaming city of Pheonix. This fireball of a gal is heating up the modeling scene. Though unsigned, … Continue reading

Trackback: Moxie

You might remember Moxie Malot from “Sunrise On Your Tongue“. We would just like to send a shot out and allow you to view one of the polaroids from our stash.

Rica Wade: On The Move

If you think you haven’t seen Rica Wade before, you just aren’t paying attention. She is a dancer/model that looks just as good when she is standing still as when she is moving. If you had been paying attention you would have seen her in Frank Ocean’s new video for “Pyramids”. Behind her captivating gaze … Continue reading

The Striker and The Strangler

Ms. Fo Porter by Jonne Johnson pt.3

In keeping with this months feature. I am pleased to share this ever-so-dreamy photo set of Fo shot by Jonne. The images are emotive, well styled and pull you in hopelessly to the charisma of Ms. Porter. ENJOI

Ms. Fo Porter by Jonne Johnson

Through the miracles of social networking I have come to be familiar with a young photographer name Jonne Johnson. I was impressed by the perspective he takes when shooting. He seems to capture the best of people. This May I will be featuring his work with the lovely Ms. Porter. I will publish a photo … Continue reading

Dana Boulous: Flower Power

Citizens of Culture is not only about illuminating those established players in the city but uplifting and promoting new comers. Dana Boulos is sort of amidst a career change or rather expansion, when I met her she was a model and I didn’t know much about her. Later while surfing the web I come across … Continue reading

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