The . Boy . That . Made . WOLF .

FUCK . Those are the first words on thee album. It really sets the tone for the entire record if you ask me. Who knew eating a roach would get you this far? He’s done a lot since he  hung himself in Yonkers. Enter the wild world of a kid who admitted he was a Bastard … Continue reading

Film & Femininity with Francesca Mirabella

There is a moment in everyone’s life when they cease to be a child. It is without regard to age or intelligence. It can happen all at once or can be a subtle ushering in to adulthood. At this moment the events witnessed by the person come in to a different context and even past … Continue reading

Toro.y.Moi . . . . 1st.Date.Music.

Producer/Vocalist Toro y Moi also known as chaz2sexy on his soundcloud makes what I like to call first date music. Imagine opening the door for her and turning the car on and the first sound you hear is a sonic sunset in the form of  “Anything In Return”. She will immediately think you are cooler … Continue reading

Emol: The Streets of Brazil

Street Art has blown up in Los Angeles as we’ve seen but just because you took a graphic design class in high school doesn’t mean you should go out and wheat paste the city with your “work”. The description is clear, art that is out on the street. I heard of Emol via word of … Continue reading

Rica Wade: On The Move

If you think you haven’t seen Rica Wade before, you just aren’t paying attention. She is a dancer/model that looks just as good when she is standing still as when she is moving. If you had been paying attention you would have seen her in Frank Ocean’s new video for “Pyramids”. Behind her captivating gaze … Continue reading

The Striker and The Strangler

The Ports: Alien Investors

I had first heard of Kelly and Holly Port as “the cool older couple that is not lame” via Def Sound about two years ago. He hailed them as a fine example of how to grow up and not grow old. Kelly Port is a special effects manager for big block buster movies, Holly Gable … Continue reading

CPC #4 Light Bulb

This is a simple little light fixture but I imagine a field of these things set in a room. That is a lot of ideas.

Own The Glow

Girl Friend Season Pt 1: December

‘Tis not only the season to help out strangers, eat hearty, and argue with family. ‘Tis also the season to stay close with someone you think is special. It doesn’t have to be any more than a winter companion but it can be everything you need. December is a photo series out of a set … Continue reading