Leslie Durso: Smile Activated Veggie-Activism

Leslie Durso, is a shining example of a passionate food activist and teacher. She  seeks to not only inform people about how to prepare delicious food but also is making people a little bit more conscious about what it is that they are eating. She has been a vegetarian since childhood of her fruition, and … Continue reading

Crowd funding Spotlight: Organic Protein Powder

We all know we need protein and super foods are the most efficient way to get  proteins and other nutrients.  Some times though, we don’t have time or may not like the taste. Here is a crowd funding solution that can come up on Indiegogo that hopes to change all that. OMG (Organic Meets Good) is … Continue reading

GOOD Voter Guide to the May 21st Los Angeles Election

We are at it again folks! It is time to hit the polls and get into action for the change you want to see in your city.  The local election is by far the one that most greatly impacts our lives. Yet these local elections have the lowest turn outs. That means your are letting … Continue reading