Diane Lindquist: Relationship Designer

When you think of a the tools of the a designer what comes to mind? Maybe a sketch pad and a drafting table? If we are talking about the  more contemporary version, perhaps a laptop and a Wacom tablet?  There are  some who have come to understand the world of design in a deeper way. … Continue reading

Courtney Arwin: Good Peoples

There is saying that has stemmed from the south when referring to a person that is endeared to you.   They are called ” Good peoples” it is to say that individual is a good person all around. It is the kind of person that we all want more of in our life. At Citizens … Continue reading

The Build Shop: Your Friendly Neighborhood Hackerspace

For every Batman there is a Lucious Fox, for every 007 there is a Q, even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had Donatello. The gadget guy is a fundamental part of every heroes success, but everyone isn’t out fighting villains. Bryan Jaycox has a little bit different style and show that some of us are … Continue reading

Trackback: Moxie

You might remember Moxie Malot from “Sunrise On Your Tongue“. We would just like to send a shot out and allow you to view one of the polaroids from our stash.

Polaroid Archive: Aja Monet

Aja Monet is a brilliant writer and a beautiful friend.

“Bodies” Video

Bodies: Courtesy of Cee-Lo Starring: Rachel Lynch Rachel moves very well with no instruction. As usual, the video comes months after the shoot. Commentary: Here I am trying something a little different, at least for myself. Shooting this short footage with very little editing. I sped up the footage and added music but Rachel’s movement … Continue reading

Impossible Releases PX Instant Analog Film

the  project had 31.536.000 seconds to change the world of photography 31.536.000 seconds to prevent more than 300,000,000 perfectly functioning and carefully preserved Polaroid Cameras from becoming obsolete. 31.536.000 seconds dedicated to all the people out there who still embrace the magic of analog Instant Photography. At a press conference on March 22, the Impossible … Continue reading

Becka Adams: Polaroid Dream

I worked with Becka on a shoot recently. I had a blast with her and the photos were nothing less than amazing. The one thing I wish I could photograph is this gal’s personality she has a ton and delivers perfectly every frame.

Newly Owned : Polaroid 330 Land Camera

This is an awesome find.  I picked it up at Future on east Sunset in Echo Park. More from Future in the future. Check out what’s new from Future ala: Futurelovesyou.blogspot.com

Model Material: Blake Anthony Hardy

Second collaboration between Gas’d and MZK Projects. Love Polaroid #2 More to come from Blake in a short while…