Kelly Van Patter: Green Consumption

“Your attitude towards money is something you learn growing up.” Kelly utters, as she shuffles through her back pack to lend me a pen made out of recycled water bottles. Kelly Van Patter is a radical consumer, she goes out of her way to purchase and support economically conscious and green businesses. She comments on … Continue reading

Handsome Coffee X The Produce Project

In keeping with Handsome’s mission to curate community events they have availed their space to The Produce Project  on wednesday’s from 5:00pm to 8:00pm along with some friends. The most recent addition has been Almond Milk LA , a delicious brand of handmade almond milk that offers delivery service of their fresh specialty product. Outside the coffee … Continue reading

Chinatown Summer Nights

If you’ve never had the chance to experience Chinatown here it is a great opportunity. Chinatown Summer Nights is an event hosted in part by KCRW and LA Weekly. Here are some quick photos of the summer fest that has been held on the3rd Saturday in Each month of summer. The next is Aug 17th.

Donny Jackson’s One Man Shown

Whether a fan of spoken word poetry, live  theater, or simply a fan of people in general here is something that you are certain to enjoy. Donny Jackson, in collaboration with Green Way Arts Alliance presents, a compelling night of theater and spoken word. One Man Shown is delivered in stories by a grandmother, police officer, … Continue reading

Echo Park Reborn

After being closed for 2 years for clean up, the lake was shut down for a number of rehabilitations and was finally opened this past Saturday. The park was host to all your usual attractions as many were anxious to see the results of such a big project.  

Broke & Dating in LA

by Christy Williams 5 Date Ideas to do in L.A. now without having to break your piggy bank open. Let’s face it fellow citizens, it’s hard to find love in Los Angeles. If you’re single and you’ve lived here for longer than a few months, you’ve figured this out already. It’s even harder to woo … Continue reading

GOOD Voter Guide to the May 21st Los Angeles Election

We are at it again folks! It is time to hit the polls and get into action for the change you want to see in your city.  The local election is by far the one that most greatly impacts our lives. Yet these local elections have the lowest turn outs. That means your are letting … Continue reading

Suburban Riot: Redefining Luxury

When you think of the American Dream, what do you think of? In so many ways the dream has changed from white picket fences and 2.2 kids. The chase for that dream is a much more diverse pursuit, and the happiness we enjoy is a blend of the simple and complex. This new american dream … Continue reading

HUB Los Angeles: Civic Innovation Showcase

This Wednesday, April 3rd. HUB Los Angeles, the cities very own start-up incubator space will be celebrating seven LA area start-ups and the launch of the City of Los Angeles’ MyLA311 mobile app. The showcase will feature groundbreaking technology from InVenture, ThrdPlace, iSocialite, AppMyForm, Recargo, City Innovation Group, and RideAmigos Corp. From web to widgets to … Continue reading

Why Handsome Coffee Roasters 1 year Anniversary is important to LA

This past Saturday the team at Handsome Coffee Roasters celebrated their one year anniversary. As anyone that follows small business will tell you ” they say, the first year is the toughest”. if that is cause for any new business to celebrate then this one is especially significant to the Angeleno. Handsome Coffee Roasters immediately … Continue reading