Carlie de Boer: The Honey Moon Begins

Talented signer-songwriter and longtime friend of COC, Carlie de Boer, has just released a sultry track entitled The Honeymoon Stage. It is the first single of of her EP The Honeymoon Stage, to be released later this year.She writes and produces music in New York, and is the kind of person who has never really grown … Continue reading


When last have you heard something you truly feel you have never heard before? Something actually new? Something so new you weren’t even sure if you liked it? But you felt it more than you liked it. It moved you past what you even thought your taste was. It challenged you to hate it but … Continue reading

Sun . Rai’s . Bright . Sounds .

Have you ever heard music that felt like a place? A place familiar, not completely foreign, but you feel it every time you hear it? I find music to be the only form of time travel I have discovered that works every time. There is a certain magic about nostalgia that makes you remember where … Continue reading

Thee . Wonderful . World . of . Tiron . & . Ayo .

Hip Hop is a very very interesting genre these days. It’s growing up and growing down, maybe even diagonally. There are new faces every 5 minutes literally, check your soundcloud.  Everyone is brainstorming to be the next thing lightening chooses to strike, but few keep an umbrella. Tiron & Ayomari are two gentlemen from Los … Continue reading

Malcom Mays releases Dichotomy

Born on the day of love, this multi-talented young heartthrob learned to harness his ability to sing, dance, rap, write, act, direct and play piano, into a multi pronged weapon that he utilizes within his greater artistic disposal. Quite literally, Malcom Mays is an army of talent laying the foundation for a career in the entertainment … Continue reading

Lola Blanc releases Bad Tattoo

Los Angeles is full of people that look interesting as a profession, but sometimes the look is about all you get. When I met with Lola Blanc she was wearing a purple cheerleader skirt, a clear plastic trench coast, with a black crop top and a spike choker. She looked like the most popular girl … Continue reading

Music Spotlight: Rob Milton

Teaming up with Florida native producer brandon*, Rob Milton is taking another step in his journey with his appropriately titled third EP,  Developing. The six-track offering delves straight in with its Jacque Hammond-assisted soulful opener, “Around,” which spins off of a Lauryn Hill  Unplugged 2.0          gem. After a magical call and response duet with Hammond, … Continue reading

A . Kid . Named . Cud .

“I tried to tell all my friends when I was a kid that I had powers, and nobody wanted to believe me”. Powerful words from the self proclaimed Lord of the Sad and Lonely himself, Kid Cudi. No matter what you may think of his rapping or singing, one thing is for sure, he has a … Continue reading

The . Boy . That . Made . WOLF .

FUCK . Those are the first words on thee album. It really sets the tone for the entire record if you ask me. Who knew eating a roach would get you this far? He’s done a lot since he  hung himself in Yonkers. Enter the wild world of a kid who admitted he was a Bastard … Continue reading

J a m e s . B l a k e : A Man In His Own Genre.

There are very few artists that make you wait on a moment to feel a feeling you have waited your whole life to feel. Very few artists make you wait. In the age of very microwaveable music, James Blake gives you a buffet to digest. A patient listener will be reward with the masterpiece known … Continue reading