Fear and Hope by Gage Kalanick

Fear and Hope It isn’t just a single event its been there forever… well there are many things that are there, family is there but not always. Nothing is always there, but somehow people always relate by having one thing… Fear. But it is so minute, fear is unreal a chance waiting to be challenged, … Continue reading

Cheating On Your Boss: The Side Job Paradigm

In the modern world of the professional creative you find that it is easier than ever to build a personal brand that generates revenue and opportunity outside of that from your primary or day to day job. A lot of us work in firm, or as in-house creatives for larger companies and we spend 80%-90% … Continue reading

Kickstarter Watch: Aisha Mandel

Citizens Of Culture believes that helping each other is one of the only ways we will succeed as a community. We’ve decided to add a monthly Kickstarter feature to help get the word out about projects that need our support. First we’d like to highlight Aisha Mandel, a budding author from Minneapolis Minnesota. “A book … Continue reading

Donny Jackson’s One Man Shown

Whether a fan of spoken word poetry, live  theater, or simply a fan of people in general here is something that you are certain to enjoy. Donny Jackson, in collaboration with Green Way Arts Alliance presents, a compelling night of theater and spoken word. One Man Shown is delivered in stories by a grandmother, police officer, … Continue reading

In America by Carrie Rudzinski

  The first hitchhiker I ever picked up I dropped off in the wrong place. We were both backpackers – young, dirty, and foreign. I was so excited to help, I didn’t even realize my mistake until I was too far to turn around. I’d left him on a busy overpass – gray eyes and … Continue reading

A . Kid . Named . Cud .

“I tried to tell all my friends when I was a kid that I had powers, and nobody wanted to believe me”. Powerful words from the self proclaimed Lord of the Sad and Lonely himself, Kid Cudi. No matter what you may think of his rapping or singing, one thing is for sure, he has a … Continue reading

A Promise to the Little Ones We Lost by Nairy Kevork

A Promise to the Little Ones We Lost I promise you, This world had more kindness than it did filth. I am so sorry that you will not get a chance to see. He was lost. No one found him. So, he found you. You would have felt what loving someone is in about ten … Continue reading

Mistaken Love Letter Of A Teenage Rascal by Bird

  Deeeeeear Darla, I loathe the thought of you. Your mother should’ve sat on you at birth. Your name gives me mental cramps. Your name has become a punchline for bad luck. Your name is a bad word in the mouth’s of children. I’ve learned 4 languages over the years to better express how much … Continue reading

Elle Fitz pens lesbian love novel as first book

Some people are afraid even to kiss and tell. Elle is not afraid to do and tell about a whole lot more than kissing. The first book from start-up marketing guru, Arielle Patrice Scott is the shocking relationship novel, The Story of Dice. She is a brilliant marketer and after reading the excerpt it will be clear … Continue reading

Dear Mr. Gaddafi by Danielle Bennet

Click To Listen, full text below. Dear Mr. Gaddafi, Congratulations. You’ve managed to receive more attention from our government in six months than my students have in six years. My 12th graders hardly know the names and situation of our 50 states Or where your country is on a map but they know your name know … Continue reading