Breakfast with Joy Langston

Sometimes you get a chance to come across a great piece of content that just needs to be shared. This is a savory video from budding photographer Joy Langston. About cooking delicious breakfast. She is not a professional chef, or a health nut, and isn’t running any business. She is just a citizen of her … Continue reading

Rose and Sophia by Natalie Neal

Photographer Natalie Neal has embarked on a new challenge in the form of film making. This is a natural progression for many, and as Natalie already has a very pointed style of photography her work Rose and Sophia is in keeping with her trademark.   Citizens Of Culture: You tend to shoot coming of age … Continue reading

Jet, a short Film by Jordan Chesney

As an independent artist it is rare that you will have everything you need to complete your project. You have to make things happen with all the resources at your disposal, help from friends, and loads of creativity. Jordan Chesney, is film maker that has a full understanding of this and has recently re-release a … Continue reading