Def.inately.Recommended. :: MRK’s 27 Video .

I took a young hiatus from doing music write up’s due to thee fact I couldn’t figure out how to make them feel fluid, not like a music review, yet thoughtful. So much music drops every hour it’s overwhelming (a new Drake video drops just as I was auto saving that last sentence) I took … Continue reading

The Look: Fashion, Style, Self-Image, and the Garment Industry

Fashion is really important to me for a number of reasons. Primarily, I think that what you wear is a form of communication to your environment about your thoughts, beliefs, and possibly even your emotions. If you see someone wearing a bright orange shirt, it might be assumed that the person wearing it has a … Continue reading

Leslie Durso: Smile Activated Veggie-Activism

Leslie Durso, is a shining example of a passionate food activist and teacher. She  seeks to not only inform people about how to prepare delicious food but also is making people a little bit more conscious about what it is that they are eating. She has been a vegetarian since childhood of her fruition, and … Continue reading

YUM!: Food, Beverage, and All Things Edible.

We all know the feeling of taking that first bite of something that is so delicious there is no other word to describe it. “Yum” An onomatopoeic word that is used to express pleasure, especially in food. Last month we looked at economic consumption with Kelly Van Patter, this month we look at our behavior as … Continue reading

Kelly Van Patter: Green Consumption

“Your attitude towards money is something you learn growing up.” Kelly utters, as she shuffles through her back pack to lend me a pen made out of recycled water bottles. Kelly Van Patter is a radical consumer, she goes out of her way to purchase and support economically conscious and green businesses. She comments on … Continue reading

Sun . Rai’s . Bright . Sounds .

Have you ever heard music that felt like a place? A place familiar, not completely foreign, but you feel it every time you hear it? I find music to be the only form of time travel I have discovered that works every time. There is a certain magic about nostalgia that makes you remember where … Continue reading

VII Winners: High Style Dream Team

Los Angeles Tens to be a place that operates as a dog eat dog world. If you are promoting yourself you have little time to spare those impressions in service of another. This model hasn’t always proven to be to most effective or sustainable. At its onset VII Winners  was comprised longtime friends Briggs, and … Continue reading

Brigham Yen: DTLA at Large

If you live in the Downtown Los Angeles area, you’ve read some of Brigham’s words. If you haven’t then you should. The editor of  DTLA Rising is originally from Utah but has become a resource to all with his real estate endeavors and a soundboard for all developments in the downtown area. Brigham isn’t just selling … Continue reading

Thee . Wonderful . World . of . Tiron . & . Ayo .

Hip Hop is a very very interesting genre these days. It’s growing up and growing down, maybe even diagonally. There are new faces every 5 minutes literally, check your soundcloud.  Everyone is brainstorming to be the next thing lightening chooses to strike, but few keep an umbrella. Tiron & Ayomari are two gentlemen from Los … Continue reading

Kickstarter Watch: Aisha Mandel

Citizens Of Culture believes that helping each other is one of the only ways we will succeed as a community. We’ve decided to add a monthly Kickstarter feature to help get the word out about projects that need our support. First we’d like to highlight Aisha Mandel, a budding author from Minneapolis Minnesota. “A book … Continue reading