Allison Kunath: Fit For A Goddess

You may be familiar with Allison Kunath  from our Art Blossom feature some time last year. She has since grown as an artist and as a person and now has ventured into the world of fashion.  She is currently amidst the launch of her first garment, a dress. Allison has never gone to fashion school and … Continue reading

The Look: Fashion, Style, Self-Image, and the Garment Industry

Fashion is really important to me for a number of reasons. Primarily, I think that what you wear is a form of communication to your environment about your thoughts, beliefs, and possibly even your emotions. If you see someone wearing a bright orange shirt, it might be assumed that the person wearing it has a … Continue reading

VII Winners: High Style Dream Team

Los Angeles Tens to be a place that operates as a dog eat dog world. If you are promoting yourself you have little time to spare those impressions in service of another. This model hasn’t always proven to be to most effective or sustainable. At its onset VII Winners  was comprised longtime friends Briggs, and … Continue reading

Sonja Rasula is building an Army

Sonja Rasula  is fighting for territory. She is fighting to grow independent business. She is fighting to restore national pride. Her  flag bears the word “Dream” . Unique is an independent design show begun in Los Angeles, and now operating in New York, and San Francisco. Sonja began as a vendor and noticed some shortfalls in … Continue reading

Flying Lotus- Sultan’s Request Authorized *Unofficial Video

You last heard about Holly Port when we covered her in the dynamic duo The Ports. She’s back with a special concept vid for the Flying Lotus track Sultan’s Request. The video is ridiculously well shot and edited by Adam Tillman-Young, whom you’ll be hearing more about later. So here it is, posted with blessing from … Continue reading

Connected Fashion Festival

The twice-yearly Connected Fashion Fest, put on by The Well and The Production Club, is part block party, part sample sale, bringing together some of LA’s most exciting apparel brands, musicians and food trucks. In spite of face-melting heat, all kinds of people showed up to shop, eat and enjoy the festival. And, this being … Continue reading

Rambling Amorose: Christine Amorose of C’est Christine

When it comes down to it, I’m pretty outdoorsy, but that’s not about to get in the way of how I dress. When I took my first ski lesson at age five I refused to get out of the car unless my mom allowed me to wear my favorite dress over my ski pants, and … Continue reading

Hottest Female DJs: Amy Pham

Amy Famous is one DJ to bet on, she manages to stay active in the scene but above all the drama. She not only spins magic behind the tables and she doesn’t look bad doing it.With  style, charisma, and a Kool Aid smile she can only be found where there is a good time to … Continue reading

Drifting Arrows for Craft and Culture

Interview with swimwear designer Leah Lawrence of Drifting Arrows We caught up with Pacific Northwest swimwear designer Leah Lawrence to chat about her debut swimwear collection and her partnership with Craft and Culture. The mission of Craft and Culture is to tell the stories of the designer or artist behind the work to create an … Continue reading

R.B. of McD Preview Party @ L. Bazaar Boutique

John Lehman’s new LA-based handbag line R.B. of McD isn’t just a collection of purses – it’s a labor of love. Lehman started out in branding and marketing with handbag label Junior Drake, and while there fell in love with leather. Pretty soon it became apparent to him that there was a demand for high-quality … Continue reading