Octoplace: Friending the Food

Let’s face it, foodies are taking over the internet, after NSFW content and fashion, food has got to be the most popular thing we see being posted on Pinterest. On Instagram we are seeing plate after plate with the hashtags #YUM, #foodie, #delish and more. Issue is ,we never get to enjoy those places our … Continue reading

Cheating On Your Boss: The Side Job Paradigm

In the modern world of the professional creative you find that it is easier than ever to build a personal brand that generates revenue and opportunity outside of that from your primary or day to day job. A lot of us work in firm, or as in-house creatives for larger companies and we spend 80%-90% … Continue reading

HUB Los Angeles: Civic Innovation Showcase

This Wednesday, April 3rd. HUB Los Angeles, the cities very own start-up incubator space will be celebrating seven LA area start-ups and the launch of the City of Los Angeles’┬áMyLA311 mobile app. The showcase will feature groundbreaking technology from InVenture, ThrdPlace, iSocialite, AppMyForm, Recargo, City Innovation Group, and RideAmigos Corp. From web to widgets to … Continue reading

Introducing Logix: RE-Finance

If you don’t watch your money someone else will watch it for you, and then you may only have the opportunity to see it slip out of your grasp. ┬áThere is more than one way to manage your personal finances and one of those ways is a federal credit union. The problem is credit unions … Continue reading

Money Blind: Big Bank Just Because

You shop vintage, you eat organic,and you drive a hybrid. So you think you are safe, right? Then you take your big fat check from the animal rescue where you work and cash it at Chase, or Bank Of America, or Wells Fargo. In doing so you might as well buy your clothes from a … Continue reading

A few hunches regarding the Facebook IPO

INTRODUCTION: A lot of talk about Facebook IPO. The stock price keeps falling and I think it will continue. People don’t know what Facebook is going to do, they know the advertising model has yet to be proven and there is much skepticism from traditional investors about how they are going to monetize. But you … Continue reading