The Citizens Of Culture are people and businesses in and around the Los Angeles area that are doing what they can to make the world  a more interesting place.

Each has a niche that they have carved their own and in one way or another are a contributor to the resurgence of a quality of life not seen in Los Angeles since the 20’s.

By connecting the people and places we solidify the bond between the coffee shop and the soccer mom, by shedding a light on both emerging and established talent we inform and inspire.

We aim to bridge the gap between commerce and community and highlight the institutions that color the city with the culture we enjoy.

The LA Renaissance begins now.

-Citizens Of Culture-


Chloe Lauter

Christopher Captain

Emily Twombly

Maceo Paisley

3 Responses to “About”
  1. LeBlanc says:

    I enjoyed the post on Sasha Formoso. I enjoyed the look. I read the About section and instantly fell in love. 😉 Feel free to visit my blog and follow me on twitter at twitter.com/leblanc_a 😉


  2. Michaela says:

    i love all your topics! i love this blog. very beautiful in every way. i will always visit…

  3. Presscott says:

    Are you a writer by trade as well. I loved your piece on London and I love a lot of the other blogs you’ve written. If you write I would love to talk to you about my art project.

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