Carlie de Boer: The Honey Moon Begins

Talented signer-songwriter and longtime friend of COC, Carlie de Boer, has just released a sultry track entitled The Honeymoon Stage. It is the first single of of her EP The Honeymoon Stage, to be released later this year.She writes and produces music in New York, and is the kind of person who has never really grown up. Carlie de Boer is still a dreamer, still a lover, and will always be in the honeymoon stage of life.


If you have ever been in a relationship that you feel isn’t entirely balanced on the emotional spectrum then it is certainly something you can all relate to. Some people just have a power over us that we can’t always control. This song explores that.

Carlie also has a new single ready for release in the upcoming week stay tuned for more deets on this starlet. You can also visit her website and keep tabs on her through her mailing list at

The Honeymoon Stage is current available on iTunes and you can click the image to be transported.honeymoonstagealbumnew


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