A Promise to the Little Ones We Lost by Nairy Kevork

A Promise to the Little Ones We Lost

I promise you,

This world had more kindness than it did filth.

I am so sorry that you will not get a chance to see.

He was lost.

No one found him.

So, he found you.

You would have felt what loving someone is in about ten years.

Mom and dad would have been concerned.

Some of you would have become teachers.

But, we say goodbye now.

He was once Adam, now Hate.

Only in adulthood we expect people to be animal.

You were just six.

Would have walked to him,

Hand to face,


“What’s wrong?”

The ones who could have reached out

Failed us all.

He was a young boy once without a friend

and could feel no pain.

No one saw him so

he came to see you.

I hope you looked at one another in your last moments,

and saw what love looks like.

We promise, we won’t just like a Facebook page.

We promise, we are going to go out there

and Love somebody.

We talk guns like Love is the taboo.

We promise we will give Love to someone who doesn’t have it so

they don’t come take it from other kids.

We will stop focusing on:

Does he fit the criteria?

What’s his IQ?

We know that the trigger is pulled when lack of empathy is coupled with self-hate

and the babies are gone.

We promise you Charlotte





















We will live harder, we will love more

Because we are missing you 20 that did that better

than any of us.

We will honor you now.

Your fall will not be for nothing.

Your moms and dads are staying strong.

They will miss you more as each day passes.

A request.

May you find peace.

And, send some to them.

They are brave

But you,

You are braver.

Nairy Kevork is a Los Angeles native poet and artist. She has been writing poetry for ten years and plans on writing her first novel in the coming year. She also focuses on surreal paintings and psychologically themed art. Nairy is studying to become a therapist and social worker and is working towards her dream of starting a nonprofit for at risk kids.



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