Courtney Arwin: Good Peoples

There is saying that has stemmed from the south when referring to a person that is endeared to you.   They are called ” Good peoples” it is to say that individual is a good person all around. It is the kind of person that we all want more of in our life.

At Citizens Of Culure we are often talking about businesses or talented creators. I wanted to take time to celebrate individuals that are genuinely nice and caring.  The kind of person that is quite simply, good peoples.

Courtney Arwin is one of them.

She is currently an art student living inEcho Park.

I’ve had her vegan baked goods and met her dog and family.
I took some time to vist and snapped a few photos, and I couldn’t be happier that I did.

It was a great Sunday morning and it was great to catch up.

Courtney, stay just the way you are.

P1050670P1050673 P1050676 P1050677



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