R.B. of McD Preview Party @ L. Bazaar Boutique

John Lehman’s new LA-based handbag line R.B. of McD isn’t just a collection of purses – it’s a labor of love. Lehman started out in branding and marketing with handbag label Junior Drake, and while there fell in love with leather. Pretty soon it became apparent to him that there was a demand for high-quality leather wallets and handbags, and he decided he was the right person to supply that demand. From that, R.B. of McD was born. Lehman was adamant that he doesn’t want to make something that’s already being done well. The line, produced in downtown LA, certainly draws inspiration from the city with modern silhouettes and luxe leather.


The preview party was held at the L.Bazaar boutique in Silver Lake, an adorably eclectic shop stocked with quirky gifts, delicious-smelling lotions, and possibly the most charmingly clever birthday cards ever. Well-dressed attendees clustered around the collection, which was displayed in a multi-level mirrored case, admiring the quality of the leather or trying one of the purses. The collection itself had something to appeal to anyone. My personal favorite was the bright blue tote with chunky gold, but there were also piece for any minimalist or neutral-lover. Overall, the line was both classic and modern, and certainly showed Lehman’s love of LA and keen grasp of what an Angelino wants in a handbag. Definitely check out the label and see for yourself!




R.B. of McD's creative director John Lehman



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