“Bodies” Video

Bodies: Courtesy of Cee-Lo

Starring: Rachel Lynch

Rachel moves very well with no instruction. As usual, the video comes months after the shoot.


Here I am trying something a little different, at least for myself. Shooting this short footage with very little editing. I sped up the footage and added music but Rachel’s movement and eye contact was good enough to create these short connections with the camera. I really love Cee-Lo’s Bodies track but I didn’t have enough video to run the whole song. Luckily for me the outro to the song is long enough to provide me some good sampling material.

I had the unfortunate happening to delete all the digital photos from the shoot but I pulled some stills and from the video that capture some of those connections Rachel made with the camera. The beauty of conventional photography is that images can’t be deleted with the push of a button so I do have the polaroid I took as we wrapped the shoot.



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