All I Need Is In My Home

I am experimenting with shooting women in a way that shows their natural beauty. It is an exercise in capturing them  while undressed that reduces focus on the body but highlights their personality. I have found that when done effectively can provide a new sense of confidence in my subjects and appreciation of their own physical attributes.

I photographed , new mother and wife, Stephanie and we talked about life, family, and her own goals. I was intrigued to find that when she spoke of her child and husband her entire posture and consonance seemed to change. I captured some great images of her from which a few are below. After the shoot I was able to meet both her husband and young son and after doing so I can see exactly why they bring her such joy.

Thank you Stephanie and your family for allowing me to see that joy and photograph you for my project.

2 Responses to “All I Need Is In My Home”
  1. Def says:

    Word 2 this woman and her family 4 being so open 2 being captured so naturally


  2. erin says:

    I wish more men, especially young photographers and artists, would do this kind of work with women. Sex appeal is great but this is beautiful. There’s just so much more substance to it.

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