Hello Goodbye: Bisou Ciao

Parisian mused macaron parlor, Bisou Ciao creates colorful confections in delicious flavors.

Roses are trite, chocolate is overrated and expensive. If you are an other-wise noble beau who has found himself at odds with his significant other go with macarons. They are just as pretty as flowers but after she tastes them any residual anger will be tranquilized upon first bite.

If you know anything about macarons you know they are a lovely anytime dessert bestowed to us by the french. You might not be in the mood to cross the Atlantic but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the opportunity to enjoy a taste of Paris.

Bisou Ciao unveils new flavors regularly, seasonal and special items as well. Their fall line include flavors like Masala Spiced Chai, Cranberry, and Pecan Caramel. I had to grab a half dozen just to try a few of my favorite flavors and I was recommended the popular Rose and Pistachio by the owner Tanya.

I love the shop, the box, bag ,and wrapping paper as an overall branding effort. BC is not too sophisticated to off put the palate of the average person but everything is certainly delicious and I believe world class.

For Angelinos the trip is still a little long but for all the NY citizens stop by Bisou Ciao, say “Hello.”, and get a kiss goodbye.


101 Stanton Street,  NYC 10002


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