Allison Kunath: Fit For A Goddess

You may be familiar with Allison Kunath  from our Art Blossom feature some time last year. She has since grown as an artist and as a person and now has ventured into the world of fashion.  She is currently amidst the launch of her first garment, a dress. Allison has never gone to fashion school and … Continue reading

Carlie de Boer: The Honey Moon Begins

Talented signer-songwriter and longtime friend of COC, Carlie de Boer, has just released a sultry track entitled The Honeymoon Stage. It is the first single of of her EP The Honeymoon Stage, to be released later this year.She writes and produces music in New York, and is the kind of person who has never really grown … Continue reading

The Look: Fashion, Style, Self-Image, and the Garment Industry

Fashion is really important to me for a number of reasons. Primarily, I think that what you wear is a form of communication to your environment about your thoughts, beliefs, and possibly even your emotions. If you see someone wearing a bright orange shirt, it might be assumed that the person wearing it has a … Continue reading

Jessica Erler: Juicy J

Think about your favorite food. Think about any food you like for that matter. Think about what you want for breakfast tomorrow. Now erase that idea from your brain. Imagine being asked to do without solid food for three days  to clear your digestive system. Could you do it? Of course you could but your … Continue reading

Locavore: Farmer’s Market Locator App

All this talk of healthy food this month got you feeling like you are ready for a change? We figured you would be into it by now that you are looking to grab some fresh local good for yourself. This app can help. Locavore is a quick way to find local food and in-season produce. It is … Continue reading

Leslie Durso: Smile Activated Veggie-Activism

Leslie Durso, is a shining example of a passionate food activist and teacher. She  seeks to not only inform people about how to prepare delicious food but also is making people a little bit more conscious about what it is that they are eating. She has been a vegetarian since childhood of her fruition, and … Continue reading


When last have you heard something you truly feel you have never heard before? Something actually new? Something so new you weren’t even sure if you liked it? But you felt it more than you liked it. It moved you past what you even thought your taste was. It challenged you to hate it but … Continue reading

Octoplace: Friending the Food

Let’s face it, foodies are taking over the internet, after NSFW content and fashion, food has got to be the most popular thing we see being posted on Pinterest. On Instagram we are seeing plate after plate with the hashtags #YUM, #foodie, #delish and more. Issue is ,we never get to enjoy those places our … Continue reading

Breakfast with Joy Langston

Sometimes you get a chance to come across a great piece of content that just needs to be shared. This is a savory video from budding photographer Joy Langston. About cooking delicious breakfast. She is not a professional chef, or a health nut, and isn’t running any business. She is just a citizen of her … Continue reading

Sweet vs Savory?

As professional brunchers we often watch people glaze over at menus trying to decide between two powerful flavors. We’d like to get your opinion on the issue and see if we can come to any consensus on the senses. Sweet: Those delicious notes of oo-ee  gooey simple carbs, drizzled over more complex carbs. Those fatty … Continue reading